Services Offered


► Represent company at trade exhibitions, events and networking events to identify business opportunities.
► Keep up to date with competitor activity to identify business opportunities.
► Meet and greet any walk‐in Retail customer or prospect.
► Develop and maintain close working relationship with the Vendor / Logistics Team. This team is you’re inside customer.
► Required to work a non‐standard workweek and/or be accessible for periodic on‐call duty.
► Develop, Interact and proactively track relationships with Retail prospect and existing customers / clients for understanding and meeting their needs for charter, aircraft ownership, or aircraft management.
► Respond to, prepare and deliver quotations for all Retail customers and prospects.
► Respond to, prepare and deliver all shares and Aircraft owners with flight itineraries as requests come in.
► Responsible for arranging logistics for charter and shares to include, but not limited to catering and ground transportation.
► Update all Share owner schedules to keep calendar current.
► Follow up with clients to check status of quote requests.
► Logistic, Logistic Planning and support
► Administrative tasks (customer data base update, shared drive management)
► Repairs and support
► Customer Relationship Management
► Customer feedback and contact programmers
► Monitor competitor activity
► Analyzing published survey reports
► Review of existing products
► Monitoring and adapting to changes
► Track Lost Revenue on declined quotes spreadsheet.
► Provide Marketing team with FOQ forms for all new clients.
► Assist Marketing Representative with any telesales, telemarketing or direct marketing activities, as related to increasing Retail charter business or aircraft management opportunities, or fractional sales.
► Collect and update passenger preferences in company database which is accessible to staff.