Maintenance Management System

  1. Live Observation
  2. Live Monitoring
  3. Maintenances Alarm
  4. Alarm History
  5. Equipment History
  6. Schedule Maintenances
  7. Preventive Maintenances
  8. Corrective Maintenances
  9. Equipment Downtime
  10. Equipment Utilization
  11. Equipment Availability
  12. Production Delays
  13. Responsibility Management
  14. Production Management
  15. Attractive GUI
  16. Graphical Representation


MMS:-maintenance management system. Capturing live data from different controller. And analyze the records. This system is used for reduce the maintenance time and increase the performance and OEE.

Using this system we can calculate the total downtime, Availability, performance, OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).

We can easily observe the daily downtime alarm. Working on daily down time alarm we can reduce the daily down time and increase the performance.

In given application we can easily observed major and minor downtime alarm

Maximize Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Quick response to deviations.From standard operating conditions to minimize revenue loss and ensure effective use Of skilled man-power.

Less cost to manage & maintain these assets.

Continuous monitoring of remote plant assets for real time information on

  1. Production
  2. Productivity
  3. Availability
  4. Losses
  5. OEE

Continuous tracking of critical process parameters that help:

  1. Identify and address deviations quickly
  2. Track equipment health / condition to instill and manage predictive/Condition-based maintenance

Automatic and manual data like rejection, Production Target, Shift scheduler etc.Collection

CNC Machine

  1. Nagel
  2. Mag
  3. Makino
  4. Grob

PLC Controller

  1. Siemens
  2. Fanuc
  3. Allen Bradley
  4. Rockwell
  5. Mitsubishi

Energy Meter

DVS Configured energy meters with Machine and Record data on Server such as Voltage, Current and Frequency Consumed by machine per Component


Create a special DVS_Network with the help of switches and routers for communication with PLC controller and server. Communication used special interface created by DVS_software. Without disturbing existing network, create our own network.