Product Range


► Conveyors, Pick and Place, Small Oven, Tanks, Weld Jig and Fixtures, Test machines, small SPM

► Andon, RFID, Barcode Scanner, Safety Devices

► Robot, Wield Timer, Weld Controller, Grippers, Tool Changer, Dress Pack

► Electrical and Control Panel: PLC Panel, MCC Panel , PCC Panel, VFD/Servo Panel

► IT and Networking Hardware: Work Station, Memory bank, Server, Industrial PC, Network Switch, Routers, modem, UPS

► IT Software and Products: OS, Database

► Instrumentation: Sensor and Transmitter, Gas Analyzer, Electronics Test and Measurement, Weigh Scales, Cable Tray

► Control Element and accessories: Control Valve, Motors , E/P, Manual Valve, Gauges etc.

► Intelligent Moving Camera CCTV: Automatic Face Recognition, Traffic Management and Vehicle Crime, Automatic Person Identification

► Water Meter

► Automation Software : SCADA, HMI, Dash Board, MES, MIS, Tracking, WMS etc. OPC, DDE, Driver Management

Expert in Control Technologies

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We are Expert in

PLC , Drivers , Controller , IOS
Industrial Network , SCADA , Motion , Servo, Industrial 4.0 and IIoT
CNC , Gateway , OPC , MIX Automation
Wireless Technologies Radio , GPRS and
Satellite Communication , Switch Gear

Major Integrations With

All Logoes are proprietary of respective organizations

Major Integrations With

TURCK Industrial Automation
Forbes Marshall