Services Offered


Big data is all about processing large volumes of data in real-time, thereby creating on-the-fly value.

► All the old systems have been made to be process-driven. Needs to create smart processes. This means that you need to start from the data, not from the process.
► Tailored booking process around passenger by gathering and analyzing data and finding trends requires people who are experts at reading data.
► Use patterns. Need data scientists for operation, sales, marketing etc.
► Define patterns by experiment, try, fail and success.”
► Maintenance:
► Aircraft Handling
► Ground Equipment
► Fluids / Lubricants
► Material
► History of above points
► Preventive alarm for unwanted failures
► Gets real-time information by streaming (operation, failure)
► Preventive proactive action for regular failure
► Fast Data analysis to gets accurate data at required time and location.
► Continuously interconnection with customer, service provider and manufacturer data base.
► Entertainment system
► Aircraft operation, alarms and even logging and streaming remotely.
► Synchronize , load, unload data, Entertainment, (News, videos, movies, Songs) Operation and event with local airplane server, airport server and remote server
► Handy confirmation with Check list for ready to fly permissions on Tab/Mobile app
► Procedures for maintenance