Project Description


The management and maintenance of your remote networks can be complicated and resource-draining. Personnel and equipment are expensive; service interruptions, especially during peak business hours, can have a hugely negative impact on your business; and maintaining control of your network and remote locations is a challenge for even the most technically-savvy IT department. Managed LAN can give you the control you need of all your LANs and WLANs – with little to no initial monetary investment. And, with Managed LAN’s OPEX model, you’ll be able to upgrade your infrastructure at your own pace, under your own control and with few resources. Adding new sites, even on the other side of the world, can be easy and inexpensive.


    As your business grows, how do you add locations, applications, and personnel without overloading your network? Let our high-speed, flexible and scalable WAN Ethernet Service shoulder the load for you. It’s available on both dedicated and shared platforms Adding new layers on your WAN for application monitoring and optimization can easily increase costs and complexity, which can take a toll on organizations struggling with limited budgets and short staff. The solution is DVS, which in many cases is a carrier.