Project Description


VSAT system, satellite communication basics,frequency bands, VSAT outdoor unit(Up converter,down converter,Power Amplifier, Low Noise Amplifier,Antenna,OMT), VSAT indoor unit(MUX/DEMUX, EDU,Modem,EPABX,LAN,router),VSAT technical specifications and VSAT installation procedure. It alcso cover Antenna Elevation Angle and Azimuth equations based on latitude and longitude of the location very useful for antenna installation at particular place.


  • •Expanding architecture
  • • Custom configured
  • • Integrated system to meet the requirement of intercom, EPABX, hotline, PA System,
  • • Paging / loud speaking
  • • Multiple page / party communication channels
  • • Point to point or Point to Multi point and Master / Slave configuration
  • • Multi point, multiple control desks for a large integrated plant
  • • Interface to P&T, Radio lines, Data networks etc.
  • • State of the art and futuristic technology – Fully Digital PCM/TDM
  • • Transparent Networking