Lighting Distributation

    ► Sturdy, rigid chassis assembly assures accurate alignment of interior with panelboard front, prevents flexing, and minimizes possibility of loosening or damage to current carrying parts during and after installation.
    ► Receive lighting panelboards in two weeks, with no quantity limits, to help reduce your project cycle time.
    ► Panelboards are seismically tested, qualified, and exceed requirements of the UBC.
    ► Four point in-and-out adjustment of panel interior is provided to meet critical depth dimensions on flush installations, which compensates for possible misalignment of box at installation.
    ► Create a Pow-R-Command network by connecting multiple panelboards, which can allow programming from other panelboards in the system, remote access, data logging, daylight optimization, and more.
    ► Wide selections of options and modifications are available to customize the panelboard to any application