Process and Plant Simulation

Project Description

Most of today’s process plants like refineries, gas plants, power plants, fertilizer units and petrochemical plants are large, complex and integrated. The quantum of instrumentation, control logics and interlocks involved in these operations is quite enormous and varies from plant to plant. The various advanced control and optimization techniques that are implemented in many plants automate the critical plant operations and greatly remove routine operator actions. Also the existing plants are being upgraded both technology-wise and capacity-wise to give a boost in their performance.

The ProSimulator model is based on the first principles (Laws of Physics), Design and Experimental data from the plant. It consists of algebraic / differential equations representing mass balance, heat balance, momentum balance, reaction kinetics and equilibrium phase equations.

extreme conditions (cold start to design condition), and unlimited number of streams and components. The scope of the simulated model spans right from a simple centrifugal pump operation to complex process plants like a FCC/Hydro cracker/Ammonia/Ethylene Plant.