DVS Technnosoft Provides to Petroleum industry to monitor, control and protect equipment used in LNG facilities, including:

  • Automation and Integration Planning
  • Compressor control and protection
  • Level control
  • Pump control and protection for pumps
  • Gas metering
  • Vapor recovery units
  • Boiler control and protection
  • Generation plant control and energy management
  • Process safety
  • HMI Configuration and Programming
  • Gas/oil/water separation monitor and control
  • Automated well test
  • Oil heaters control and protection
  • Oil tank level control
  • Vapor recovery units control
  • Water treatment plants
  • Safety systems
  • Fire and gas systems
  • Interface to vessel management and vessel positioning system
  • Propulsion control
  • Ballast control system
  • Mooring control system
  • Vibration protection and condition monitoring

    Maintaining core processes at top performance is important for overall refining through put. Auxiliary and supportprocesses also must run flawlessly and in coordination to keep product quality and quantity on specialization. With operations so close to full capacity, equipment reliability becomes critical to meeting your production targets.

  • Power generation
  • Water treatment
  • Steam generation
  • Crude and product movement
  • Terminal management
  • Pump and compression systems

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