IMS strives to commission the systems we provide in the most efficient way possible.  We do this because we understand that outages and prolonged start-ups represent lost opportunity for our customers.  Our commissioning efforts simply build off the work already done.  The functional goals are defined and documented early in the project.  We design, build, program, and test according to this functional “foundation”.  Our commissioning plans are then limited to site check-out of external connections to the equipment and the reverification of the functions tested as part of the Factory Acceptance Test.

In order to execute this strategy, IMS first dispatches members of our Field Systems team to conduct IO checkouts and basic power-up checks. We then send our project engineers on-site. These are our engineers that designed the system and wrote the functional code. This is a tremendous benefit to our customers: having the Automation Engineers that programmed the process code, functionality, HMI, etc., commission the project! We feel this is the key to a successful startup!

This approach has led to a long and proven track record of outstanding results and vertical start-ups.